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Tiffany & Co

Welcome to the first blog in our ''Designer'' series - thoughts and facts about some of my favourite jewellers and brands, past and present!

Tiffany & Co is possibly one of the most well-known names in jewellery design. Most of us would quickly recognise the soft, bright blue box with a white ribbon and black text on top reading ''Tiffany & Co''.

Tiffany & Co

The prolific jewellery and silverware brand was born out of the minds of two New York men, and has grown to be at the pinnacle of luxury goods, and an authority on diamonds and diamond jewellery.

In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young took $1000 capital and opened a ''stationery and fine goods emporium'' in Lower Manhattan. They sold a range of stationery, and were called Tiffany & Young. In 1841, a new partner, J.L. Ellis, joined the firm, and the name changed to Tiffany, Young & Ellis. Both Young and Ellis retired in 1853, giving Charles Tiffany control of the firm, and he changed the name to Tiffany & Co. The store was revolutionary, not only for its designs and products, but also because it was the only place that displayed prices on its items, and these prices were not negotiable.

Tiffany & Co

Throughout the following 100 years, Tiffany & Co. won countless awards for their jewellery work, as well as for their silverware. They featured at many Paris World Fairs, and the company was commissioned to design some of the most well-known symbols of American culture, including the symbol for the New York Yankees, the highest US military award, the Medal of Honour and the Vincent Lombardi NFL Super Bowl trophy.

Their diamonds and engagement rings, however, have made them into the jewellery superpower that they are today. ''The Tiffany Setting'' was introduced in 1886, and still plays a major role in love stories all over the world. This design is very popular for rings, and is most fashionable for engagement rings, as the diamond is lifted above the band, and is therefore easy to show off.

The prestigious ''Tiffany Diamond'' is a massive 128 carat yellow diamond that was discovered in South Africa in 1877. It was bought by Charles Tiffany and has been owned by the company ever since. It is one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered, and was worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 while promoting ''Breakfast at Tiffany's''. The stone now has pride of place at the New York store, and is a tourist attraction in its own right.

Tiffany & Co

The Tiffany & Co. brand is so well recognised that it is frequently mentioned in popular culture - in movies, television shows, music and literature! There was even a pair of Nike sneakers inspired by the brand which sold for $725 - hailed as one of the most cherished Nike shoes on the market.

Tiffany & Co is a world-famous brand, and is a pioneer in the world of jewellery. With its distinct look, high quality workmanship, strong ties to heritage and a passion for all things beautiful, it is most definitely a cut above the rest.

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