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Vintage Brooches

Unlike other accessories, brooches were initially created to be practical rather than decorative. They held together items of clothing and were worn as often by men as by women. The world's first brooches were almost certainly created from bones and thorns but these accessories, as we recognise them today, were first made during the Bronze Age.

The Art Deco period from the 1920's was heavily influenced by Cubism and so brooches were highly geomometric and would often have contrasting bold colours. There was also a strong Egyptian influence after Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered early in the decade, and so scarab beetles featured prominently. 

Cocktail jewellery became popular during the Second World War and brightly coloured Bakelite brooches were worn to cheer up the population. The war made it difficult to source materials and it also influenced the style of jewellery that was being produced. After the war there was a rush of inspiration and creativity and fun images like bows, birds and ballet dancers dominated designs. During this Retro era, both genuine and reproduction jewellery was worn - it was a time to display one's individuality!

During the 60's, designs became bigger and bolder and women chose vivid colours to match the world's mood. Jewellery was worn in excess and it was quite common to simultaneously wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings. Flower power extended into the 70's and floral motifs were popular choices.

Vintage brooches are incredibly versatile and because they so prominently depict the period in which they were made, they make great collector's items.

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