by Amanda

Erich Frey

It doesn't always happen that I am offered an original piece of jewellery that was bought from the studio where it was first made. I once went to see some goods in a typical 1960's architect-designed home. All of the items were mid-20th century, mostly china and glassware, but there was also some jewellery on offer. The pieces all fitted in so well with the original design of the house.

One of the items was a very bold stylised ring made from silver. It had been purchased directly from the artist, and was signed with the mark of ''Erich Frey''.

Erich Frey was a German-born goldsmith who lived in South Africa from 1952 until 1977. He spent these 25 years as a jeweller, and had a workshop in Pretoria. His innovative and striking designs in silver and gold incorporated precious and semi-precious stones, as well as other materials such as wood and ivory, and he was much respected and admired by his peers. His work was unique, and he proved to be an influential jeweller in his time. There have been numerous articles published about him and his work - featured in various magazines and newspapers. He returned to Germany in 1977 where he continued working, until his death in 2004.

Although this prolific designer has passed, his legacy lives on through his business, Erich Frey Gold & Silversmiths. It continues in the vein of his spectacular work, innovating and producing creative pieces that most people would be happy to own. The company follows a wonderful rule that keeps its jewellery completely exclusive: ''one piece per design''. It is this attitude that keeps Erich Frey's creative fire burning.

I did sell the ring, but was pleased to have had the opportunity to buy such a marvellous piece from such a sought-after decade.

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