by Amanda

Functional Jewellery - Pretty with a Purpose

Jewellery, as we all know, can do a lot to uplift one's mood and outfit. But it can also do more than just make one feel good - functional jewellery is both attractive and purposeful!

A perfect example of functional jewellery is a teething necklace. Such a pretty item is pleasing to an up-styling mom, and is made from materials that soothe a baby's gums. Most babies enjoy mouthing necklaces while their teeth are growing, and so such a necklace is made out of beads that are safe for a baby to chew. These days it is also possible to buy bracelets that, while fitting in well with urban style, are used as simple reminders of a baby's feeding times.

Another well-known item of jewellery with a purpose is a military ID tag. Such tags are commonly known as ''dog tags'', and display a soldier's vital medical and personal information so that he / she can be treated correctly if injured in the course of duty. These important pieces are usually made out of a strong metal like aluminium or stainless steel. They have found their way into modern fashion with the advent of a new movement called ''military chic''. This movement has had varying levels of popularity over the years, and the term was coined between 2003 and 2005. It involves loads of camouflage and military issue clothing and accessories.

Another stylish, yet highly functional item of jewellery is the tie clip - a small clip placed on a tie to hold it in place.

Fobs and swivels are less common these days, but were commonly worn in years gone with pocket watches. They were used as a counterweight on the opposite end of the watch chain. Seals were used by the earliest civilisations to authenticate documents. They typically displayed a family crest, and were used to make impressions in wax, clay or on paper. Later, the image was generally engraved into a ring.

The most obvious item of functional jewellery in modern times is the watch itself, which has become equally as ''on-trend'' and aesthetic as any other item of jewellery.

Jewellery is primarily meant to be worn for aesthetics - something pretty to enhance an outfit or lift a mood, but it is great to have more than one reason to buy an eye-catching piece!

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